Toronto/New York: Hitting back at the critics, Research In Motion (RIM) co-CEO Jim Balsillie on Thursday night said, RIM has not lost its edge and the company is poised for a new trajectory.  

After this week’s advance reviews slamming its PlayBook tablet, that is hitting markets on Tuesday, as ‘half baked’ and analysts calling the company a ‘broken brand’, the BlackBerry boss has warned critics not to write the company off.

“It’s going to be a newsy summer for us. And a very newsy BlackBerry World in a few weeks. Let's just say I like what we’ve got,'’ he said.

Balsillie's remarks came just days after his co-CEO Mike Lazaridis walked out on a TV interviewer for asking testy questions about RIM's problems with India over security issues.

Undeterred by adverse reviews of the 7-inch tablet, Blasillie said the device’s architecture was ‘future-proof.’

He told the reporters that he was upbeat about RIM’s future as the company updates its portfolio with 4G-enabled handsets featuring better processors and improved software. RIM has not announced any new smart phone since the launch of the BlackBerry Torch in August last year.

Conceding that the BlackBerry has lost its lead in the US smart phone market to Apple and Google Android devices, Balsillie explained this by saying that RIM was instead focusing more on overseas markets.

“We have been rapidly expanding our business in 180 countries. We have been focusing on the other 93 percent of the global market. We do need great products in the US, but this is a global business,” he told reporters.

Cautioning those writing an early obituary for RIM, Balsillie said, “You must be careful what you predict. There are lots of twists and turns in this market. Our platform and architecture are moving forward.  We have great relationships with carriers. And we have a good line up of products coming.”

Downplaying RIM’s problem of offering fewer apps (27,000) on its smart phones as compared to more than 350,000 apps offered on the iPhone and over 150,000 on Android smart phones, he said, “You don't really need hundreds of thousands of apps to satisfy people. Most people only use a very small number of apps on their devices.”

Balsillie said many new products will be announced at the upcoming BlackBerry World in Orlando from May 3-5.

Among the new products will be the next version of its operating system BlackBerry 6.1 which will offer improved search and multitasking as well as a better user experience via enhanced high-resolution graphics. The BlackBerry web browser will also be improved with the help of more powerful processors and other hardware for expanded HTML 5 support.

RIM also plans to offer a revamped virtual keyboard for its touch screen devices.

According to media reports, some of the new devices from RIM could include the first touch-screen BlackBerry Bolds, which are codenamed BlackBerry ‘Dakota’ for the GSM version and the BlackBerry ‘Montana’ for the CDMA version. There is also talk of a new Storm 3, codenamed the BlackBerry ‘Monaco Touch.’