Toronto: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) has entered into a deal with Indian-led Polar Mobile for development of apps to enhance appeal of its soon-be-launched PlayBook tablet.

A leading mobile content solutions enabler for large media companies, Toronto-based Polar Mobile is headed by Indian-origin Kunal Gupta. It has already developed over 180 apps for RIM's BlackBerry smart phones.

At about 20,000 RIM's app store compares poorly with Apple and Google's Android operating system which boast almost 290,000 and 150,000 apps.

Apple's iPad alone has over 60,000 apps specifically for it. Over 290,000 iPhone apps can also run on the iPad at lower resolution.

But with RIM's decision to run Android applications on its tablet, PlayBook users could get access to 200,000 more apps.

By signing the deal with Polar Mobile to produce exclusive apps for its tablet, RIM aims to further distinguish the PlayBook from rival iPad. The tablet will powered by a new powerful QNX operating system which RIM bought specifically for the PlayBook.

According to reports, under the deal Polar Mobile will design about 100 apps for the BlackBerry tablet this year alone.