New Delhi: An unfazed Congress tried to turn the tables on the BJP over the issue of blackmoney by asking the saffron party reveal its own track record on the issue.

The Congress government flayed the BJP government and its senior leader LK Advani who has made the blackmoney prime issue during his Jan Chetna Yatra.

Hitting hard, the Congress party questioned the saffron brigade’s stand on the issue during its six-year long rule at the Centre. It said, “The UPA from past two years has been doing much to bring back the black money stashed away abroad, but what has the BJP done in its six-year rule?”

Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari while addressing media said, “The Central government has done much about the black money issue. It is making continuous efforts to bring back the money.”

He said, “They did not do anything at that point of time and now they are playing up the issue.”

(JPN/ Bureau)