The discovery could lead to new treatments for women suffering from the condition called anorgasmia (unable to have orgasms).

“There's no G spot. There's a C spot - the clitoris. It is the source of a lot of sexual pleasure for the female,” said study researcher Susan Oakley from Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to scan the pelvic area of 30 women who were in their 30s.

Ten of these women had reported rarely or never achieving orgasms despite trying.

The rest of the participants reported normal orgasmic experience during sex.

The researchers found that the direct distance between the clitoris and the vagina was 5 to 6 millimetres longer on average in the group of women with orgasm problems.

These women also had a smaller clitoris on average.

“Although adequate sexual function is complex, we document that clitoral size and location may be paramount in impacting sexual function, specifically orgasm,” Oakley added.

Although physical characteristics cannot be changed, understanding the physiology of the female sexual response advances knowledge, the researchers noted in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Such awareness may highlight strategies for treatment of women distressed by sexual dysfunction, they added.


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