Often an act of cowardice is displayed through a performance of gratuitous gallantry meant to hog the limelight. Therefore, the attack on eminent lawyer and active member of Team Anna Prashant Bhushan should not be curtailed to criticism only. Mere synchronization in condemnation and criticism will fail to demoralise the anti-social elements who displayed the audacity to thrash Prashant Bhushan inside the Supreme Court premises. This fact is further established as the members of the said Shriram Sena and Bhagat Singh Sena a day after humiliating the lawyer, thrashed supporters of Bhushan in the court premises and that too in the presence of Men-in-Khaki. One cannot remain contented with the large scale criticism pouring in from all quarters and the arrest of attackers, as owing to the legal constraints the culprits could not be kept in jail for even 24 hours. Doubt still looms large whether the police and court action against the attackers was successful in making any kind of impact on them. The sort of publicity the attackers have received in their malafide campaign can only fillip their morale to go a step further in future. People who thrashed Bhushan have expressed annoyance over his comment for a referendum in Kashmir. Undoubtedly, majority of people in the country would not reflect faith in Bhushan’s statement, but that does not grant permission to anyone to resort to hooliganism. Unfortunately, this was the path adopted by the members of Shriram Sena and Bhagat Singh Sena. After the sordid act, it is even worse that they are not ashamed of their doing. One fails to understand how such people get permission to operate an organisation in the name of legends and carry out activities as per their whims and fancies?

It is imperative for an individual to be cautious while expressing the views on sensitive issues. However, if one fails to do so, none can be granted the permission to resort to violent activities to express their resentment. In addition to government and administration, the political leadership should vent their anger against such irresponsible person in more barefaced manner. The move is even more required as there has been a sudden surge in number of such organizations which believe that resorting to violence is their birth right when it comes to reacting on different issues. Simultaneously, the backing of the attackers by a few political and non political organizations cannot be ignored. It showcases the increasing prejudice in biased society and politics. The act of intolerance is not only an alarming signal for the freedom for expression, but also a cause of concern for the nation’s image. There is no place for such incidents in a civilized society, however, under the guise of dissent there has been a sudden spurt in violent activities. At some stage, the leading political parties are accountable for such acts. If politics which is believed to guide the country on the righteous path reflects signs of ideological intolerance and chaos, it is in a manner setting a poor example for others to follow which by all means is bound to pollute the society. It would be better if the reactions to act of cowardice are not only limited to issuing statements of criticism and condemnation. In addition, it is important to find legal measures which can place an effective check on the unlawful activities of organisations like Shriram Sena and Bhagat Singh Sena.