Finally, it happened what the ruling government was wanting regarding Lokpal. Now, there is a feeble chance of forming a strong and effective Lokpal, as Team Anna have expressed their displeasures over the stance of the government on the drafting of Lokpal Bill. Undoubtedly, it was not expected that the Centre would adopt all the points of the draft prepared by the Civil Society on the Lokpal Bill, but it should have done something which would have spelt out the message of the government’s seriousness towards curbing corruption. After the failure of talk with Civil Society, the draft of proposed Lokpal Bill prepared by the government hardly says that the government is committed to bridle corruption. However, the government is going to hold talks with political parties regarding the Lokpal Bill, but it is unlikely that some valid points will transpire in the meeting which would be effective to check corruption. It is disappointing that the stand taken by both the ruling party and the Opposition in the context of Lokpal Bill is highly deplorable. It is very intriguing that the Opposition, particularly the BJP, has said that they will make their opinion on Lokpal public only after the Centre’s declaration of its unambiguous position regarding this. The BJP and other parties have also said that they will disclose their opinion in the Parliament. This plea is also pointless. It seems that all political parties are gauging the seriousness of others regarding the formation of an effective and strong Lokpal.

This is the first time that political parties are avoiding reply to the questions of people, which clearly indicates that political leadership of the country is not ready to arrange any effective system to control corruption. The Centre’s stand in this regard is most disappointing. The government team of joint drafting committee come up with new idea everyday and put allegation on the Civil Society, saying Team Anna want to make a parallel government, whereas the fact is that they want to make arrangement for Lokpal like Election Commission. If the Election Commission could be autonomous and efficient, then why not Lokpal? As far as bringing Prime Minister and Chief Justice under Lokpal ambit is concerned, the ruling establishment should think earnestly and there could be a middle path in this context provided that the government shows its honest intention towards checking corruption. If political parties do not reach consensus on strong Lokpal, they will lose their credibility.