The 31-year-old actress, whose last acting sting was in her own 2011 debut production venture "Love Breakups Zindagi", says she has stopped explaining to people who keep asking about her disappearance from the silver screen.
"This industry is quick to judge, condone and celebrate, so there is a lot of pressure but I am blessed to have a partner like Sahil (Sangha) who is so patient. Often people come up to me and ask 'What are you doing?', 'Where have you disappeared?' and I would tell them I am working! But now I have stopped explaining. I don't need to justify myself. Sahil has taught me not to cave into anybody's demand and stand by your conviction," Dia said.
The actress says her and beau Sahil's latest production project "Bobby Jasoos", starring Vidya Balan, is an answer to people who thought she was not working.
Balan will be playing a lady detective in the movie which is inspired by a real story. The shooting is likely to start from mid-November this year.

"Two years ago there was this line that Sanyukta (writer) had read in a magazine about a girl who wanted to grow up and become a detective. We had asked her to develop something and left it there. I came back to it this year and asked her what's happening with the script and she said it is actually her husband's story and he still hasn't initiated anything.

"Then we met Samar (director) and asked why he isn’t doing anything about it. Finally after one and half year of writing we were ready with the script," she added.
Sahil says he wants their production venture 'Born Born
Free Entertainment' to be a credible brand which is why they are not rushing into picking up any project.
"We at Born Free want to give chance to new talent, whether it is directors or actors. We didn't want to invest in just any project and knew that our second film had to be strong. You will see Vidya in a radically different space. We are clear about one thing that our content has to be strong.

"We are a new company and know that whatever we put out there has to be credible and coming up with a good story idea takes time," Dia said.


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