Yamuna Nagar: There is no gift more valuable than the gift of blood, as it is actually a gift of life for the person who receives it. Donation of blood is a sign of kindness and care.

There are many human beings who voluntarily donate blood to save the life of others but they have failed to have an identity and due to limited resources they can’t promote their good work for humanity and ask others to do the same.

Keeping these things in mind, Red Cross society of Yamuna Nagar has planned to make a calendar featuring those who have donated blood more than 75 times.

These calendars will be seen hanging in villages, educational institutions and government offices. Along with this there will be separate sitting arrangement made for the donors in government hospitals and health care centers.

The Red Cross society will also send these calendars to Gram Panchayats and Sarpanchs, so that these calendars can be displayed at public places.

“We have started this drive to inspire Indian youth for blood donation. Blood is precious and we can save many life with it”, Yamuna Nagar district Red Cross Secretary Shyam Sunder said.

 “Due to the lack of advertisement those who are donating blood to save others life are not being recognised for their good deeds, so to promote such people we have planned to come out with a calendar with the pictures of these donors on it”, Shyam added.

He also added. “We have placed an order for printing 1500 calendars without taking any help from the government. Maharishi Ved Vyas Engineering College in Jagadhari has sponsored these calendars.”

The step taken by people of Yamuna Nagar to promote blood donation was praised by everybody in the state and using the photo calendars of the donors, awareness about blood donation can be spread in other states as well.