After Shiv Sena’s split with its 25-year-old ally BJP on Thursday, the possibility, however bleak it may seem, of Uddhav and Raj joining forces in the state to carry forward their pro-Marathi agenda has cropped up out of the blue.

According to a leading news channel, which quoted its sources, in the wake of its split with the BJP, the Sena chief called up not once but twice his cousin Raj Thackeray – someone whom he often doesn’t seem an eye to eye.

Even the thoughts of seeing both Raj and Uddhav share the dais, quenching people’s thirst for dynamic and clear-cut speeches, is good enough to create a seismic effect on the state politics.

The basic rationale behind the possibility of Thackeray brothers coming together could be that Sena is trying hard to minimize the damage from the split of the much-touted ‘Mahayuti’ alliance.

On top of all these developments, rumors are rife that both Raj and Uddhav are primarily not against the idea of reconciliation in their bid to carry forward the pro-Marathi agenda – something on which their parties thrive.

Raj Thackeray’s MNS, which had won 13 seats in the last assembly elections in 2009, can help Shiv Sena register victory in its fiefdom.

However, Raj and Uddhav’s personal ambitions can prove to be a major roadblock in these two parties coming together for the assembly elections.

Despite, Raj making it crystal clear that he won’t fight upcoming assembly polls because he considers the entire Maharashtra his constituency, it is understood that deep inside he also harbors the dreams of leading the state – something which he also accepted recently.

Raj, seen largely as the obvious political legatee to Balasaheb, left the Thackeray family to launch his new political party – MNS in the year 2005.

The last time when both Raj and Uddhav were spotted together was at Balasaheb’s funeral in 2012. Both the sides have till date rejected any suggestions about a reunion between them.

Meanwhile, a day after the split in saffron alliance, Shiv Sena dubbed BJP "enemy of Maharashtra" and hinted at returning to its original pro-Marathi agenda for next month's state Assembly polls.

"Our other (Mahayuti) alliance parties wanted the Sena-BJP association to continue. More than that, it was what the 11 crore people of Maharashtra wanted. Those who trampled these sentiments are enemies of Maharashtra," Shiv Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece 'Saamana'.
"This (breaking of alliance) is an insult to the 105 Marathi martyrs of the Samyukta Maharashtra movement," the editorial said.
It also termed as "unfortunate" the demise of the long-standing alliance between the two ideologically compatible pro-Hindutva parties.

"It is unfortunate that the Sena-BJP alliance, which for the last 25 years was bound by the Hindutva ideology, has ended. We made sincere efforts till the end to ensure that the alliance with BJP and other parties of Mahayuti remained intact," the editorial said.
"Those who till yesterday were praying in this tent are now offering namaz in the other tent," it said, apparently targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recent remarks praising the "patriotism" of Indian Muslims.
"Soon the realisation will dawn that those who flew away (BJP) were crows of 'pitrapaksh' and those who remain are Mavle (a term used for Chhhatrapati Shivaji's soldiers)," the editorial said.

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