Everyone craves for classic grace and beauty. But for this you need a stroke of magical make-up which enhances your natural beauty and features. You become girl next door with a perfect make-up touch-up. But before doing make-up, you have to keep certain things in your mind.

In order to entice people, you don’t need to put extra dose of make-up. Here make-up artist Pooja Goyal tells you how to look more graceful even in a light make-up.


Face: Here Zareen Khan’s make-up is very balanced. She blended the make-up base very well which enhances your face’s natural shine. To apply her look, put make-up fixer after cleaning your face. Now make a liquid foundation base. Blend it from upper to lower direction. Apply make-up base on your face and neck as well.

Eyes: To give soft and elegant look to your eyes, put baby pink eye shadow. Define your eyes with henna coloured eye pencil and draw line till your eye corner. So, that your eyes look more appealing and bold. Draw thin line on your lower eye lid with light brown pencil. Apply two coat of lengthening mascara on your eye lashes and curl it with lashes curler.

Cheeks: Enhances your cheek bones with rosy pink shimmer powder blusher.

Lips: To add an extra glam touch to your lips, apply velvet touch red berry lipstick. It completes your look.

Hair: Dry your hair naturally after shampooing your hair. Put serum on your hair and comb it gently. Make a section from your hair and roll your outer part with Velcro roller. Set your hair after doing side parting.


Face: Here, Bipasha apply extra coat of base to give nude touch that is why her face appear cakeier. She applied two tone lighter shade concealer from her skin tone. It helps to hide her face contouring.

Cheeks: Her face looks patchy because she applies natural shade blusher.

Eyes: She applies peach shade in her brow bone and she draws thick line around her eyes with gold eye shadow glitter. She draws a line with dark brown eye pencil. She applies black pencil mascara. Excess use of gold glitter as an eye make-up gives chinky-eyed look to Bipasha.

Lips: She applies lip gloss.

Hair: She applies hair gel and she tied a pony after side parting her hair. By doing this hairstyle, she looks older.

Note: In our Indian culture, eyes always complement your over all personality, so you should keep certain thing in your mind regarding eye make-up. But do not apply dark eye shadow. Even, you can also enhance your eyes beauty by applying intense volumizing mascara.

Courtesy: Sakhi