The speaker dubbed 'Boom Boom' comes with components like an accelerometer, light sensors and microphones that allow the device to take on new features as they are developed.
"These are like sleeping components that are waiting to be woken up," the device's designer Mathieu Lehanneur said. The polygonal speaker comes with all the basic features such as audio playback, conference call capabilities, and the option to sync up two speakers, '' reported.
"We always felt that hardware was missing this evolutionary factor. So in the beginning we asked ourselves, what potentially could a speaker be capable of?" Markku Palipea, co-founder of the company, Binauric, said.
Lehanneur imagines that in future the Boom Boom might not just play music, but make it too, using the capabilities of the accelerometer, the report said. "You can easily imagine if you're listening to music and you shake the speaker, you could transform the music," he said.