Even as much water has flown down under the bridge, the Central government has woken up to the colossal damage unleashed by the Maoists. In a bid to fend off red terror menace, the Centre has decided to spend Rs 800 crore as assistance to the Naxal-hit areas for renovating and revamping 400 police stations across the country in which it doles out Rs 120 crore in the first phase to fortify them. It is ridiculous, when Naxals succeeded in extending its networks and gripped the considerable parts of the country creating havoc and mayhem, the government broke up its deep slumber and decided to modernize the police stations in the Naxal infested areas.  The first installment of Rs 30 lakh to each of the 400 police stations has been sanctioned for construction of new buildings, residential complex, bunkers and procuremenmt of arms and communication equipment. Earlier, the Home Ministry had decided to fortify the 400 police stations located in 83 Naxal-hit districts at a cost of Rs 2 crore each. Out of this amount, the Centre will provide Rs 1.60 crore while the remaining Rs 40 lakh would be given by the state governments. The state governments could manage to give their shares, though showing unwillingness in the wake of financial crunch, the question is how much time it will take to renovate police stations. Can the UPA government, which came into the power in 2004 and took a dig at its predecessor NDA government for not bridling the red terror, explain it why were the police stations not equipped earlier to give  befitting blow to the Maoists? Whatever may be the reasons cited by the Centre in this regard, the fact remains that the slackness of the government has spurred the Naxals to widen their base in the country. Despite having failed in controlling the Naxalites, the Centre has not struck serious note and a proposition has been made that state governments have responsibilities to take on Naxals. The irony is that the Centre still bills the Naxal issue a fallout of ideological aberration.

Undoubtedly, Naxalism has come out of an ideology, but now it has turned into a mafia and their motive is not safeguarding the interests of the poor and downtrodden rather plundering national assets by wreaking terror and claiming innocent lives. That’s why they do not want to come for dialogue with the ruling establishment. Recently, the Union Home Minister visited West Bengal and urged Naxals to establish dialogue without surrendering their guns. It is beyond understanding that the government is still taking soft posture towards the sympathizers of  the Maoists? If the revelation of the Intelligence Bureau is true that Human Rights activist Dr Vinayak Sen is again involved in Naxal activities, it means the Centre has become a mute spectator. No one should be in illusion that the Naxals are serious about their announcement for making truce with the government. There must be some plot behind it.