The eyewear features a built-in camera and see-through display technology on the lenses. The key functions are aimed at improving driving safety and navigation.

While driving, the camera records the view and allows information to be displayed without being overlaid on surrounding motorists. It also displays speed and speed limits in the eyewear so that the information is in the driver's primary field of view.

Drivers will be able to select their destination through the glasses before entering the car, the time and mileage to destination, speed limits, texts and messages that will be read out by the car.

The augmented device will offer X-ray view through the car to improve parking. A-pillars and doors will miraculously disappear while wearing MINI goggles, TechWorld reported.

BMW has already revealed a technology that allows drivers to park cars with their smartwatches. A driver can simply shut the door, activate the parking assistant from their wrist and let their car park itself.

The prototype of the eye-wearable device is expected to be displayed at the upcoming Auto Shanghai trade fair this month.