"We need to end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants," Jindal tweeted a day after real-estate tycoon and leading Republican presidential candidate Trump unveiled his tough plan to combat what he calls the negative economic consequences of illegal immigration.
Speaking at a event yesterday hosted by conservative Americans for Prosperity in Columbus, Ohio, Jindal said, "Immigration without assimilation is invasion," and claimed that he could secure the southern border with Mexico within six months of becoming president.
Earlier, Trump, in his immigration proposal, called for Mexico to fund a protective wall across the US-Mexican border, deportation of all 'criminal aliens,' and tripling the force of US immigration officers.
Trump had also proposed to raise the minimum wage for the H-1B visas, which remain hugely popular with Indian IT professionals, who bagged almost 86 per cent of the H-1B visas that the US granted last year for computer jobs.
Calling the present US immigration policy 'dumb', Jindal said, "A smart immigration policy will make our country stronger - a dumb immigration policy will make it weaker," and promised to rein in on 'sanctuary cities' which shelter illegal immigrants.

Most Republican candidates including Trump, Jindal and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have hardened their stance on immigration and Jeb Bush had recently referred to US-born children of undocumented immigrants as 'anchor babies.'
However, Trump and Jindal's desire to end citizen rights for children born in the US to undocumented workers, will require more than winning an election.


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