Houston: Indian-origin Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal won re-election and took the oath of office for his second term before hundreds of people, with a focus on education and a pledge not to rest on the accomplishments of his first four years.

"I Bobby Jindal do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution and laws of the United States and the constitution and laws of this state,” Jindal said as State Supreme Court Justice Catherine "Kitty" Kimball administered the oath on Monday.

Jindal who won re-election with no formidable challenge from democrats walks into his second term with a huge mandate.

"I love to boast about the progress the people of Louisiana have made over these past four years, but I won't and here is why. All of that was on Monday, we cannot stand, we must not rest on our laurels," said Jindal.

He expressed the need for more jobs and even more gains in public education.

When it came to overhauling education, Jindal said "I believe we all need to check our party affiliations, our ideologies and our political agendas at the door... Reforming and improving education should not be a partisan issue.

"Getting our kids ready to face the challenges this world has to offer, getting them prepared to succeed and triumph should not be a political matter."

"Look our kids only grow up once. Waiting for the system to reform itself is not an option, now is the time to act," he said.

Jindal said Louisiana has the goods to move forward.

"No state has faced what we have faced or overcome what we have overcome. The biggest natural and man-made disasters of our lifetimes happened right here in Louisiana over these past six years," he said towards the end of his speech.
Former governors Kathleen Blanco and Mike Foster were also present.