Dehradun: Piercing is a famous trend in India and mandatory for married women. This tradition is now fast catching the imagination of people across the world. Even boys today can be seen roaming with body piercings. And, though it sounds very fascinating there are certain precautions that need to be taken before getting it done. Here are few aftercares of nose-piercing.

Painful Nose Piercing

Since many tiny nerves run through nose it may pain and even bleed while the nose is being pierced. Using a piercing gun instead of sterilized needle, will also cause more pain and since it may not be used only for nose piercing it may be harmful. Besides, unclean and unhygienic methods of nose piercing, it may also cause pain and bleeding. Nose piercing jewellery of poor quality and improper size may also be the reason behind pain.

Nose Piercing Infection Symptoms

Redness and swelling of skin is quite natural to occur in case of nose piercing but if pain and inflammation aggravates accompanied with discharge of pus from pierced nose tissue it amounts to nose piercing infections.

Causes of Nose Piercing Infection

Improper and unhygienic ways of using the nose piercing gun with non-sterilized nose piercing needles may lead to transmission of even deadly diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. The infection can be caused by varied reasons such as the entry of pathogens, like, bacteria and fungi into the freshly pierced part of nose. It can also be triggered in case of one wearing very tight jewelry or having been undergone nose piercing with the help of a nose piercing gun. It may lead to nose piercing staph infection. Besides, unhygienic ways of living may also be the reason behind infections.

Nose Piercing Healing

Nose piercing healing may extend from 15 days to a month depending on care and aftercare measures that need to be followed after getting your nose pierced. Healing is only delayed in case of occurrence of nose piercing infections or other complications associated with it.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

The pierced area must be cleaned everyday at least twice, with sterile cotton swabs dipped in lukewarm water. But infected nose piercings can be treated only with the help of antiseptic soaps or lotions. Remove crusty formation on nose ring with cotton swabs. One needs to be careful while taking bath as any kind of ignorance may hurt infected wound and cause pierced area to bleed and pain. Strong substances such as tea tree oil, alcohol, betadine, hydrogen peroxide and methylated spirits must not be used on the pierced or infected area as it may promote the development of nose piercing scars or lumps. It may lead to a burning sensation and cause great irritation on the affected area.


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