Bogota: Bogota's Circulo de la Moda opened with the sensual designs of Pepa Pombo and the exotic colors of Hernan Zajar, with the Colombian capital's annual fashion extravaganza showcasing trends in the national fashion industry and new talent.

The three-day fashion event's theme this year is "Evolucion" (Evolution), and organizers hope to live up to the billing with an emphasis on "radical modernism".

The designs being unveiled at the show were inspired by urban chic, introducing natural elements that draw on the Belle Epoque, a futuristic vision and a vanguard focus for the 2013-14 fall-winter collection.

The Pepa Pombo fashion house led the way, unveiling retro designs rooted in the 1970s in its "Diva Retro" collection, which mixes a craft and industrial look.

Some 24,000 people are expected to attend Circulo de la Moda at Parque de la 93 in north Bogota, organizers said.