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Tania Zaetta’s nude pics left unnoticed

Melbourne: In the piece, which features two full nude shots of Zaetta, as well as others when she is clad only in denim shorts, the recently fired member of the latest ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ series puts the record straight on the scandals that have plagued her.

For a start, Zaetta reveals that she has “TV shows on air around the world” but decided to sign on to Apprentice to showcase her business skills. She also denies that David Hasselhoff failed to remember her from her role on ‘Baywatch’. He did remember me when he came in and even remembered where we had shot a couple of scenes,” the actress stated.

Zaetta goes on to discuss her controversial charity Peace For The Children, being arrested for being a public nuisance on the Gold Coast and insisting that police didn’t proceed with any charges.




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