Sandip SopParkar—Jesse Randhawa
Choreographer Sandip Sopparkar adopted a baby boy named Arjun much against wife Jesse Randhawa’s wishes who was completely against this adoption. But reportedly, she came around to accept it and the three are now a happy family. We hear that Arjun fondly calls his mom ‘pumpkin’.

Nikhil Advani—Suparna
It was a conscious decision by Nikhil Advani and his wife Suparna to adopt a baby girl. Those who know the director recount that he takes frequent breaks from his busy schedule to spend time for Keya who needless to say is daddy’s little girl.

Neelam Kothari—Sameer Soni
The handsome couple were keen to have a baby immediately after their marriage in 2011. Eventually, after a short wait, they decided to adopt a baby girl. According to Neelam, both of them always wanted a daughter. The overjoyed parents named the baby girl Ahana. Sameer playfully complains that after the baby’s arrival, he doesn’t exist for his wife anymore.

Dibanker Banerjee—Richa
Dibanker - the director of films like Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Oye was keen on adopting a baby girl. So, wife Richa and he brought home a cute bundle of joy from an orphanage. The little girl named Ira is said to be the apple of his eye and holds his complete attention when he gets back home from work.

Rahul Bose
Actor Rahul Bose adopted six children from Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He runs a charity organization in Andaman and Nicobar which works for underprivileged kids. He has got all his six kids admitted in a school in Andhra Pradesh.
They did it too:
>> Preity Zinta adopted 34 orphans from a school in Rishikesh, in 2009. Whenever time permits, the actress visits them and even looks after their education, food and upbringing.

>>Marriage or no marriage, actress Sushmita Sen went ahead with her plan of having her own babies by legally adopting Renee and Alisah. She proudly claims to be a ‘single mother’ and is said to take offence if anyone calls her girls ‘adopted’.

>>In 2004, Raveena Tandon became a mother even before getting married. She raised her daughters Pooja and Chaya away from the public glare. While one of them is happily married while the other is said to be working for an event management company.

>>When filmmaker Salim Khan walked into his house with his adopted daughter Arpita, the entire Khan household accepted her with open arms. Today, she is the youngest and most pampered member of the family and is aspiring to become a fashion designer.

>>Not many know that Subhash Ghai and wife Rehana adopted Meghana. Today, she is happily married and even looks after her papa’s production house and acting school.


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