The 68-year-old National Award-winning actress said the "male gaze" has always influenced the way characters and stories shape up in the movies.
"Society is patriarchal, so film industry by definition is certainly patriarchal. The male gaze dominated. Although, we had lengthy roles. But, the female characters that became popular were the ones that sacrificed.”
"Now by enlarge, I would say things have changed. Like 'Piku' for instance- a girl looking after the father- now this concept wasn't there in our time. The way female characters dress, speak and present themselves is much better then our time. But the second half of the film still goes towards male dominance," Sharmila said.
The "Amar Prem" star, who ruled the era of '60s and '70s, said that multiplexes have introduced experimental directors. "Thanks to multiplexes there are lots of experiments going on and we have some great directors like Sujoy, Shoojit, Dibakar. So, I think this is a very exciting time for Hindi film industry."


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