CBI sources said it took nearly three months of surveillance on sacked CEO of Censor Board Rakesh Kumar to expose his alleged wrongdoings in giving clearances to films during his tenure.

The Central Board of Film Certification or the Censor Board is the cinema regulatory body in the country which controls content of films and certifies them according to the age group they are suitable for.

Last month, CBI arrested the then Chief Executive Officer of the Censor Board Rakesh Kumar for allegedly taking bribe of Rs 70,000 from the producer of a Chhattisgarh film for clearing it.

The sources said although they have got evidence in this case, they are not able to expose the ‘deep-rooted’ network of Kumar who allegedly exploited other producers as well for clearing their movies.

"The film industry can help in pinpointing people who were allegedly paying bribes. The middlemen who were active and involved in alleged contravention of rules and regulations," a senior CBI official here said.

Some of the noted actors, producers and directors were contacted for their views on the alleged non-cooperation of the industry to unearth roots of corruption in the Censor Board but all of them preferred to remain silent on the issue.

A senior actor termed the case as ‘individualistic’ act and said he was not supposed to speak on the behalf of entire industry.

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