"I don't think they are getting into the space of TV actors...not at all. In fact, I think they would hopefully raise the bar of performance and the quality of shows and inspire others to follow the suit," Samir said.

The actor feels television has grown a lot over the years and is one of the most influential medium.

"Television now has become the most powerful and influential medium in the world. It is socially and intellectually influencing the entire world, more so India. We are going through this media revolution and this is what will define the next generation," he said.

Samir will be seen on Life OK's new show 'Khauff Begins... Ringa Ringa Roses', in the lead as JD, who uses his sixth sense to detect good and evil spirits. The series will revolve around Samir's quest to rescue his daughter Maitri from the clutches of evil.

"The character of JD is very exciting as well as challenging. I play JD, a ghost catcher with a dark past in the show. What drew me towards playing JD was the emotional journey of the character as he plays a single parent who has been through a lot and also has a supernatural gift," he said.

Since it's a horror show the shooting experience was a bit scary.

"We shot in some extreme locations, like the graveyard shoots in particular did give me some spooky feelings. But the shooting experience has been fantastic," he said.

Samir admits he likes watching horror movies but is not a fan of it. "I am petrified of bats and lizards. They are theonly ones that scare me to death," he added.


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