"A lot of people ask me ‘how does it feel to be a grand-dad'. I don't know what to say ... What am I supposed to say that 'I am feeling a little older', 'my beard has gone longer' or do I have to sound wiser or have to stop being naughty or being my jovial self," said Boman.

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He added: "In fact it has been the other way around. I feel so thrilled to be a grand-dad. I feel young at heart - that is what is important to me. “

The actor might be busy urging people to take a 'Smelfie Challenge' to rid their homes of odour, but he makes sure he takes out time to spend with the baby named Ziaan. The ‘3 Idiots’ star feels that the baby has brought in a ‘lot of energy in his life’.

Look what I got for little Ziaan......... . #lookwhatigot #grandson #grandpa #love

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"I am having the time of my life. He is a delight and has brought a lot of energy into my life ... I just sit and stare into his face and he stares back at me. We have a great bond. It is a fantastic feeling that I can't begin to describe," he said.


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