Dehradun: Eight children in the age group of 12-18 were seriously injured on Sunday after a bomb which they got hold on from Raipur Army Range situated nearby exploded in the compound of the Maharana Sports College in Dehradun.

Children were rushed to the nearby Raipur hospital which referred four critically wounded children among them to Jolly grant medical college where condition of two is reportedly serious.

The explosion has spread panic in the sports college.

“Children gathered outside their dorms in the college hostel at around 3pm where one of them took the ‘rocket’ like bomb out and hit on the ground” a witness said adding that the floor of the compound was severely damaged due to the explosion.

Chief Minister BC Khanduri has expressed sadness over the incident. 

State sports Minister Khajan Das immediately visited the hospital and ordered magisterial probe into the matter.

Government has announced Rs.25,000 compensation to seriously injured children and Rs.5000 to those who sustained minor injuries.