A bench headed by Chief Justice Mohit Shah, hearing the PIL suo motu (on its own) asked the State to file a reply by January 13 and adjourned the hearing to January 23.
In 2008, the Minority department of the government had started a scheme in which students upto high school and junior college used to get allowances periodically for uniform and attendance.
Till 2010, the scheme was implemented smoothly. However, thereafter, either the funds were allegedly not released or were not fully utilized.
In 2011, Rs 18 crores were sanctioned for the scheme but only Rs 15.30 crore funds were released. In 2012, again Rs 18 crores was sanctioned but only Rs 14.40 crores were released of which Rs 13.50 was utilized, the court was informed by the state.
The Government informed the court that this scheme had been closed down recently because of 'Sarva Siksha Abhiyan' (education campaign) started by the Centre.
Advocate Gayatri Singh, who has been appointed as Amicus Curaie (friend of the court), alleged that the state government had failed to use the fund for this scheme properly.
However, Government Pleader Geeta Shastri pleaded that the state had obtained certificate from the concerned local bodies to whose members the benefits had been given from funds under this scheme for the minorities.
Gayatri Singh, however, argued that it was not clear as to whom the benefits were given as the state had not kept any record.
The bench asked the State Government to file an affidavit in reply to the allegations.


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