Mumbai: A documentary on ‘Didi's’ life!

The ace-filmmaker is so impressed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that he feels there is no other way to pay tribute.

Renowned Bengali filmmaker Gautam Ghose plans to make a documentary on Mamata Banerjee's life.

He is so impressed by the political leader that he thinks there is no other way in which he can pay a tribute to the woman he admires.
Ghose struck upon this idea when he saw a video on the West Bengal CM's life, made by a local channel.

Ghosh says,"They had asked me to help assemble the footages and when I went through it, Mamata di came across as such an interesting character that I decided to make a full blown documentary on her."

"She is an ordinary person with no political lineage. It is all due to her hard work and down-to-earth attitude that she is where she is today.The educated middle class has a strange snobbery about people like Mamata and I think it is high time they change their attitude," he adds.

On Banerjee's recent victory Ghose adds, "The Left party ruled for 33 years and a single party ruling for such a long time is not good for democracy. They had their own natural decline and no one can deny didi's achievement."

The ace filmmaker plans to start the documentary as soon as the feature film that he is currently working on, gets done.
Goutam says,"I have already spoken to didi about it. Whenever she has some time, we will have a long session of interviews with her."