The consideration which should be included for the location of the kitchen, direction and position of doors and windows, position of cooking gas, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets. This is why importance of proper Vastu in house should be emphasised. Except food certain laid down rules are also important and it prescribes different  place for everything kept in your kitchen as well rules for cooking direction. If Vastu rules are followed in kitchen it can cause negative effects on the owner of the house. The important points and consideration which should be kept in mind while planning kitchen are –
- Location of the kitchen should be south east and the alternative option can be northwest corner of the house.
-  Cooking gas should be placed at south east direction so that the person should face towards east while cooking.
- Window or air holes of the kitchen should also be in east direction, small ventilators can be placed on the south side.
-  Water including water purifiers should be placed in north east direction
-  Store for grains, utensils should be in south and west  direction
- Taps and sinks should be in north east direction away from the cooking range.
-   Refrigerator should be kept in north east direction of the kitchen.
-Colour of the kitchen should be green , yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red. Black should not be used in the kitchen.
-   Bathroom and toilet should not be placed near kitchen and no common wall should be shared between bathroom and kitchen.
-  Flooring of the kitchen should be ceramic tiles, mosaic or marbles.
- First – Aid and Medicines should not be placed in the kitchen it attracts negative energies.
-   Placement of the doors should be north, east or in north – east direction corner of the kitchen. It should always open in clockwise direction.
-  The heavier things like mixer grinder, water storage bottles, microwaves should be placed in south and it should not touch eastern wall.
-  Exhaust should be placed in southeast direction of the kitchen.
-   If you are placing dining table in the kitchen it should be placed in northeast or west direction of the kitchen.
-  The shape of the kitchen platform should be ‘L’ in shape near the south wall for keeping electric appliances.
Housewives  spend their most of the time in the kitchen, so above mentioned consideration should be followed because it brings good health and prosperity in the house and brings positive energy to everyone in the family. Importance should always be given to kitchen while planning your new home because it may help you to face less difficulty in your life further.


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