By: Dr Tarun Sahni

New Delhi, (Jagran Network): Icy cold winds and chill in the air keep reminding us that winters are very much here! But the season brings with it an array of troubles! You will soon start noticing people around you who suddenly begin to sneeze and cough and sniff and heave!

With the vapours from your hot steaming cup of tea blending with the fog outside, you will have to do that extra bit to keep yourself and your tea, warm this winter! Winter definitely has its bonuses. The onset of winters brings for us days where we greedily want to afford that extra bit of cheese and guzzle that high calorie hot chocolate drink! But what we happily agree to overlook is the increased array of infections ready to seize upon us as your immunity system goes for a toss with a change in the season.

A period of high vulnerability

Winter brings some of its own health challenges. With less sun in our backyard and the temperature lowering down to claim new records, our body lacks warmth and hence makes a comfortable home for several germs to flourish. We are left susceptible to catch a slew of diseases like cold, influenza, cough, respiratory problems etc. People with heart diseases, blood pressure, asthma, arthritis and diabetes are more prone to these viral infections, than the rest as their symptoms aggravate during winters. Also, the faculties of the immune system decline precipitously as we grow older and hence the middle and old age people are more vulnerable to catch one of these illnesses than children and young adults. Use of preventive mediation has become quite a popular way to curb these infections especially in the urban set-up. But the best and the healthiest way to fight these infections is to boost our immunity system so as to fight the onslaught of germs and viruses. 

 ‘Switch on’ your secret immunity now!

Your immune system is your key to glowing health. It is the best way of protection gifted to all human beings. Immunity is the body’s own way to fight for the outside ailments. Natural Immunity refers to a condition where a person is immune to a disease even when he has never had the disease or any immunization against it. The natural immune response is a first line of defense that is primarily responsible for eliminating or containing pathogens at the site of entrance into our body. Our irregular lifestyle and unhealthy habits reduce our immunity everyday. And here, the Immuno – Nutrients come into play! These are substances that help improve the internal resistance of your body.

In our highly demanding metropolitan lifestyle, including the immuno-nutrients in our diet on a regular basis is difficult to achieve. Ayurveda gives us an easy solution. The gift of Ayurveda for health and wellness gives you a complete key to boosting your immunity.  It contains all the Immuno – Nutrients in the right proportion to appropriately benefit your body. A daily consumption of Chyawanprash will not only increase your immunity but work marvels for your body and mind!

 Your own disease fighting tool: Immuno – Nutrients!

Immuno – Nutrients are substances that help build your body’s immunity. They augment the body’s ability to fight infection thereby far reducing the chances of infection.  Regularly consuming these nutrients strengthen your body protection cover. Instead of running to the rescue of antibiotics for a temporary solution,  Chyawanprash can act as your permanent shield against all kind of infections and diseases.  It is now the most trusted brand for increasing the disease resistive power of your body. Some substances used in Chyawanprash that are found to be rich in Immuno – Nutrients are:

Ashwagandha: Controls stress; regulates immunity.
Guduchi: Enhances physical and mental strength; rejuvenates the immune system
Kesar: Energizes the body, promotes skin health
Barley, rice and wheat: Foods prepared from these facilitate digestion and strengthen the digestive system.
Amla:  Amla rich in vitamin C, tannins and pectins has been recognized as a hematinic and a lipolytic, useful in jaundice. It also helps control indigestion and acidity.
Shatavari: Promotes health and helps build stamina.

Many Indian families have trusted Chyanwanprash for some generations now and have only rave reviews to share about the product, citing its great benefits! Time, you start giving Chyawanprash its due importance!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key determinant to avoiding maximum diseases.  A Here are some very fundamental precautions, which if followed religiously can avoid maximum number of prospect diseases.

• Take a diet balanced in nutrients which helps prevents a lot of diseases and improves the immunity system. Include a daily dosage of Immuno – Nutrients.
• Wash your hands regularly with soap especially before eating, to avoid flu and cold.
• Cover up your nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing
• Expose yourself to the sun regularly for that essential dose of Vitamin D
At this critical time of seasonal change, as winters are already figuring in the calendar, get geared up to say no to sneezes, joint pains, coughing and flu! With Chyanwanprash you can give that extra boost to your immunity to avoid any pesky downfall in your health so that you can enjoy your brisk walk on a foggy evening, breathing with a clear nose!

(Dr Tarun Sahni   is a Consultant Physician in Apollo Hospital)