Amidst the volatile situation in Pakistan, the possibilities of coup in Bangladesh are looming large.  Though this has come to light very early, one cannot be assured that the government of Sheikh Hasina that was voted to power with a thumping majority is far from the uncertainty of a coup. Moreover, the Bangladeshi government has not been completely successful in exposing the men and their supporters behind this incident. This indicates that democracy in Bangladesh is yet to find its roots. A similar attempt was made by the Bangladesh Rifles in 2009 immediately after Sheikh Hasina formed the government. What should concern the Indian authorities is that the radicals who have tried to topple the government view India as their biggest rival. Unfortunately such fundamentalists exist in the Bangladesh army as well. The Bangladesh government is thriving hard to keep a tab on fundamentalists and project a secular image of the country. But unfortunately the main opposition, Banagladesh Nationalist Party, is extending support to such groups and fueling anti-India sentiments across the country. These allegations are being leveled against Khalida Zia-led opposition party by none other than the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself.

There is no doubt that the relations between India and Bangladesh have improved, but India cannot afford to have a laid back attitude as the leaders in Bangladesh project India as their biggest enemy. India has to tread cautiously in this regard. Though the situation in Pakistan is different from that of Bangladesh, there are many political and non political organisations in the country that fuel anti-India sentiments. More disturbing is that the fundamentalist groups in both the countries have a close coordination between them. It is clear that India has to keep a watchful eye both on Pakistan and Bangladesh. But more importantly it has to devise a way to check the anti-India sentiments raked up by the radicals. This becomes all the more important as similar kind of a problem is brewing in Nepal where anti-India elements are busy plotting against our country in the veil of politics.