International Cricket Council CEO Haroon Lorgat reprimanded the atrocities of the Karnataka police, who unleashed a lathicharge on the fans seeking tickets for the India-England World Cup match in Bangalore. He called a spade a spade and in no uncertain words said that the debacle was unfortunate and deplorable. It is significant if the cricket governing body lends its ears to Haroon’s criticism and makes a system which will not allow a repeat of the Bangalore incident. Going by their attitude it seems unlikely. The cricketing governing body expressed that the scrambling of tickets showed that the popularity of one-day format was going through the roof. The body advocated that tickets for a match involving mighty teams always fell short against the blizzard of cricket buffs wanting to be a witness to the event.

It does not augur well that the International Cricket Council is also endorsing this proposition. Fair enough, the numbers of tickets are meager before number of mammoth lovers in the country, but it is not fair that a sizeable numbers of tickets are kept aside for the administrative big wigs, politicians, local administration and many others who wield clout. Going by an estimate, only itsy bitsy numbers of tickets, say 5-10 percent, are earmarked for general public and rest of them are booked for the high-profile persons.

Now, the BCCI along with ICC has put across logic that they have to provide tickets in bulk to the sponsoring companies and those tickets finally make way to the common people. This logic cannot be accepted because common spectators feel cheated in such a situation. It is disappointing that the cricket lovers, who made the game so popular and accorded it a status of religion, are ignored. The compulsions on spectators under the garb of security are of equal concern. Many a time security personnel outnumber viewers in stadiums and fans have to face tantrums of the cops. Sometimes it has been found that tickets are not available while stadium wears a barren look. The popularity of the game is as high as Tendulkar’s sixes while the lackluster performance of the administration goes on. Be it upkeep of stadium or facilities for spectators, standards are plummeting on the international arena. It would be better for the cricket governing body to bat for the fans while running after more and more bucks.