Trade pundits are, however, keeping a close watch on the weekday collections to ascertain if the moderate-budgeted thriller has managed to break the January jinx — the first month of the year more often than not proves to be cruel for B-Town.

Says trade expert Amod Mehra, "'Wazir' saw average collections since it appeared to be a serious film. The numbers improved marginally over the weekend. The target audience seems to have liked it, leading to brisk business at A-league multiplexes. If it continues to hold its ground during weekdays, it may prove to be a profitable venture."

Chauranga, which released alongside Wazir, got limited shows and found very few takers despite good reviews and appreciation at festivals.

As far as the previous Bollywood releases go, 'Dilwale' is on its way out of theatres while 'Bajirao Mastani' continues to bring in some revenue.

Box Office stats

'Wazir' (opening weekend): Rs 21.01 crore
'Bajirao Mastani'
(opening weekend): Rs 15 crore (week 4; overall: Rs 177.35 crore)

Courtesy: Mid-Day


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