Noida: Traffic snarls were seen at DND toll plaza here with commuters stranding at the gates due to shortage of change after the hike in toll rates for some categories of vehicles become effective on Wednesday.

Toll prices increased from Rs 10 to Rs 11 for two wheelers and Rs 20 to Rs 22 for cars. Due to shortage of coins queues over a kilometer-long were formed on both Noida and Delhi ends.

To ease the problem, the Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited (NTBCL), responsible for operating the Flyway, has introduced coupons of Rs 55 for two wheelers and Rs 110 for cars for five trips.

Instead of paying the toll daily, commuters also have an option of buying silver and gold cards - a system under which by paying an extra fee, commuters can pass through the toll booth without halting.

"I am a regular commuter and preferred daily payment till now. Now, I am buying a monthly gold card," Dhiraj Sharma said.

Change has been arranged for those who do not want to buy coupons and it is hoped that traffic will move smoothly in the next few days as more people go for the other options, an NTBCL official said.

Get ready to shell out Rs 2 more

Get ready to shell out more at the Delhi-Noida-Direct (DND) flyway from Wednesday. The toll has been hiked by Rs 2.
In order to avoid the problem of tendering Rs 2 change, the use of a DND card would be wise. However, DND officials have made arrangements for avoiding huge jams at the flyway.

It should be learnt that that DND management had met former chairman and CEO of Noida Authority, Balwinder Kumar in this regard and had kept a proposal of hiking toll tax by 30 percent.

The DND management said that there has been increase in toll tax for the past three years following which the chairman agreed for 10 percent hike.

However, after much deliberations, the Noida Authority on October 25 gave written permission to increase the toll tax.

According to DND senior manager (operation) Anwar Abbasi, the toll tax will increase from November 2 and in order to avoid hassles regarding change, arrangements have been already made for loose coins.

Additional workforce will also be deployed at the flyway.