Mumbai: India should stay abreast of critical technologies to remain secured, National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon said on Friday.
Menon was speaking at a function organised by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) here, on the occasion of the National Technology Day.
The Information Communication Technology (ICT) has made an enormous difference to the way in which we look at and deal with our security, an official release quoted Menon as saying.
"It has created a new domain of contention namely cyber space, where war, espionage, surveillance, control and all the traditional security functions, activities and crimes take place," he said.
Menon also highlighted that ICT has brought power to non- state actors and individuals, to small groups such as terrorists. "The cocktail of social media, 24-hour television, NGOs and Special Forces create a virtual reality, which soon has effects in the real world.
"These are not just law and order problems, and they are not amendable to the traditional responses that states are accustomed to," he said.
Stating that terrorism is now technologically-enabled and knows no boundaries, Menon said internet has provided jehadi and other terrorists, separatists and Left Wing Extremists with an effective means of recruitment, propaganda and communication.
"There is a risk that we are ceding this space to our enemies, and as a consequence, also losing the battle for the minds of the young, who depend increasingly on the internet for their information and opinion," he said.
On the role played by technology and its effects on national security environment, Menon said the state should show the same quickness in learning and adopting these technologies that its enemies have shown in the recent past.
"ICT that empowers small groups is also available to and should be used by the state for intelligence, surveillance and counter-terrorism." he said.
The government is in the process of putting in place the capabilities and the systems in India to deal with the realities of the new world, he said.
"We have reached a stage of advancement in the fields of nuclear and space technology, but are yet to show the same capacity or policy will in telecommunication, civil aviation, aerospace and other technologies of the future," he said.
Menon called for channelising our national capabilities in a coordinated effort to enhance our national security.   

He also inaugurated an exhibition on radioactive waste management organised by the Nuclear Recycle Group and Scientific Resource Division at the BARC Complex.


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