Chandigarh: Bhiwani's Brahmin Sabha on Thursday said it will not oppose the marriage of a bureaucrat couple who are marrying outside their castes even as Haryana Police said the security to girl's family will continue for the time being.

Neelam Sharma, an upper caste Indian Foreign Service officer, who hails from Patranwali village in Bhiwani and is currently posted at the Indian mission in Moscow, is set to marry IAS officer Kuldeep Yadav on November 8. Yadav, who hails from Rewari district in Haryana, belongs to the Ahir community.

"Media reports suggesting that we had exerted pressure, warned or threatened the girl's family to stop their marriage are not true. In fact, our simple request to the family was
that since the village in its history never had a girl marrying outside her caste, they should try and maintain that tradition," the Sabha leader, R K Sharma, said over phone on Thursday.

Asked what came out of the Panchayat meeting held in the village on Sunday, Sharma said "there are old customs in the society which are still relevant on Thursday but that does not mean
we will stop anyone from marrying inter-caste."

"We had even requested the media not to blow the issue out of proportions," he said.

Asked if they will go to attend the marriage, he said, "We have been invited. And we have learnt that the marriage could be held either in Delhi or Gwalior but I cannot say what my plan will be. But I will not stop anyone who wishes to attend."

He also denied reports that the girl's family had been asked not to solemnise the marriage in the village as it could escalate tension. Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda had said on Wednesday that here law enforcing agencies will intervene if a need was felt to do so after media reports suggested that Neelam Sharma's family had received threats and faced protests from her caste group and a section of the village panchayat in Bhiwani district.

Bhiwani's Superintendent of Police Ashwin Shainvi said on Thursday that the girl's family had been given police protection and they were keeping a close watch on the situation.

"The lady officer had visited the village earlier this week. Though there is no threat perception as such, keeping simple apprehensions in view arising out of local intelligence and gathering of some people earlier, we have decided to provide security which will continue till the couple gets married. Later, we will reassess if it needs to be continued," the SP said.

Yadav and Sharma had met during their training and the former is currently posted as Additional District Magistrate in Godhra, Gujarat.