Next time you cringe at a painful programme on television, blame your brain for the embarrassment as its pain processing unit light up when one cringes.

A joint team from Britain and Germany has carried out the experiment which shows that brain which people use to process pain also lights up when they cringe at other's actions.

The experiment is based  upon the analysis of the brains of a group of students who were asked how they'd feel in a series of embarrassing situations and if they thought the person involved would be unsettled by the experience.

The hypothetical scenarios ranged from making a mess of a speech to walking around with an open zip and wearing a T-shirt with a sexual slogan.

The volunteers said they would feel the most shocking embarrassment after realizing that they were making a fool of themselves also they would still feel same embarrassment for people who were completely unaware of the impression they were making.

Dr Christopher Cohrs, of Queens University, Belfast, said, "Worldwide, millions  of people gather in groups to  watch TV shows such as Pop Idol and America's Next Top Model and collectively enjoy witnessing plights or mishaps happening to the candidates and perceive "vicarious embarrassment" or "embarrassment by proxy.”