New Delhi: Anna fever has gripped the nation so much so that being attached with the Gandhian movement to uproot corruption by the Jan Lokpal has emerged as a status symbol among the masses. The huge fan following of Anna Hazare, who entered the 11th day of his fast on Friday, is prominently visible by the huge influx of people thronging the streets flaunting Brand Anna.

The people are keen on visiting the Ramlila ground, atleast once with friends and family, to savour a lifetime experience.

The trend is such that the Ramlila ground has emerged as a picnic hotspot for the young generation. The kids who were fond of visiting malls and theatres for fun now ask their parents to take them to Ramlila ground and insist to meet Anna.

The Anna magic has cast a strong spell on kids who have stopped chanting the names of their idols like Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Dhoni. Instead Gandhian Anna has become a rage among the youths.

The craze for Spiderman T-shirt has been overshadowed by the apparels with ‘Anna’ scrawled on it.

The people who have already made a visit to the venue of Anna’s fast are proudly announcing their much acclaimed achievement. They are preserving Anna T-shirts, caps, flags, banners and badges as souvenirs of the movement.