Yatsenyuk had almost ended up his weekly questions session when a lawmaker from President Petro Poroshenko's faction, Oleg Barna, came up to him and handed him a bunch of red roses, an AFP correspondent reported from the scene.

Barna - a fierce opponent of Yatsenyuk who has campaigned for him to resign - then grabbed Yatsenyuk by the waist from behind and forced him out of the rostrum.

The tall but slight prime minister managed to grip the outside of the rostrum and held on, still gripping the bouquet, as the moustachioed lawmaker then grabbed him by the crotch and tried to prise him away.

This prompted dozens of male MPs to rush to intervene and they began scuffling and trading blows.

Nobody was reportedly injured in the brief fight between lawmakers of pro-Poroshenko's faction and Yatsenyuk supporters.

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