Rebelo told a news conference in Brasilia yesterday that the expected 85,000 security agents, including 38,000 members of the armed forces, will be enough to guarantee safety during the games in Rio de Janeiro from August 5-21.
The minister also said that violent protests, like those witnessed during the 2013 Confederations Cup, are not likely, but would 'have to be confronted and repressed if they happen'.

"I don't think we will see what happened in 2013. During the (2014) World Cup that (tension) was much cooled down," Rebelo said.

"The Olympics will be in a much calmer atmosphere in comparison with 2013." Rebelo was Brazil's sports minister during the last edition of the Confederations Cup.

Many Brazilians are expected to take to the streets again this weekend, with different groups either demonstrating their opposition to or support for President Dilma Rousseff, who faces impeachment proceedings.

Some groups have promised to protest during the games, especially those representing people who have been displaced by Olympic construction projects.

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