Pele said the four-month ban on Suarez by FIFA is fair as it would set a good example in the future and no player would dare to repeat it.

Pele added that the severity of Suarez’s offence vindicated FIFA’s tough sanctions against him, branding his bite on Cheillini as ‘unusual’.

“The decision by FIFA was good and correct because an example had to be made at the start (or) it could be repeated. This must not be copied. It was fair because it serves as a yardstick from now on,” Pele told a local Sao Paulo-based paper.

“All the angry reactions we sometimes have on the pitch were always either a head-butt or an elbow, or even something lower down with the ball at feet, but it’s the first time we’ve seen a bite. It’s something unusual for all who have played the game,” he added.

Suarez was also banned for nine international matches, which would mean that he would not be able to represent his country in the Copa America next year.

Suarez will also miss the first two months of Liverpool's Premier League and Champions League campaigns.

The Reds’ striker was also fined 66,000 pounds as he had also bitten opponents on two previous occasions.


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