Uttar Pradesh Assembly, on expected line, passed the resolution to divide the state into four parts, but during the proceeding Constitutional norms were flagrantly violated by the ruling dispensation. It is highly shocking that state restructuring is such an important issue, but discussion over the matter continued for only few minutes. The UP House assembled for two-day special session, but it was adjourned sine die after a short span, stumping rival parties which had planned to bring a no-confidence motion against UP division-- Purvanchal,Avadh Pradesh, Pashchim Pradesh and Bundelkhand. Amidst unruly scene, the motion to split UP as well as vote-on-account was passed by voice vote. According to the ruling party, other legislative work was also completed. It is profound irony that despite demolishing all norms brazenly during the House proceeding, it is claimed that the Assembly Speaker took decision as per the norms laid down in the Constitution. The allegations made by the Opposition were countered by the ruling party outside the House to buttress about breaching of the rules and regulations. In a bid to substantiate its stand, the state government said that the decision to pass resolution of state division was thought to be compulsory. But however such a big decision was taken without proper discussion.

This is not the first time that the ruling party has breached the rules during the conduction of the Assembly. This tendency is growing and it has now taken a nasty turn. In some of the states, the House is conducted for the sake of formality. Despite loads of important bills, the session of the Assembly is getting shorter. The bitter truth is that the Parliament and the Assembly strike similarity on this count. That’s why all important issues are extensively discussed in media rather than the House. The proceeding for conducting the House needs to be changed immediately, lest democracy would be at stake. Hence, leaders and law makers need to amend legislations to ensure that the House should be in session for 90 days in a year. A political party finds loopholes in the proceeding of the House when it is in the Opposition, but when they come into power, they break norms with impunity.