In what could buttress the slipshod image of leaders vis-à-vis legislating a powerful and effective anti-graft ombudsman, the all-party meet convened by the Prime Minister failed to break the Lokpal logjam, which ended inconclusively amid the cacophony of changes in the government's version of the bill already given thumbs up by the Lok Sabha. Seeing the divergence in the all-party meet, it is unlikely that the Lokpal Bill would be passed in the current session of the House, for which both the ruling dispensation at the Centre and the Opposition could be held accountable. It seems a jigsaw puzzle, why couldn’t the government take a concrete step to hammer out a consensus on Lokpal, while the Centre had promised earlier to pass the bill in the Budget Session. The face-off between the ruling party and Opposition over such an important issue would cost the country which is plagued with rampant corruption and episodic scams. The moot point is, can the ruling establishment at the Centre redo the clause of the bill that was jettisoned by the Opposition along with Team Anna and people of the country? It is quite disappointing that the government does not want to bring the CBI under Lokpal jurisdiction nor is ready to make it autonomous. Despite oft-repeated promises of clearing the Lokpal Bill and many other issues in the current session of the House, the faltering approach of the government has brought the situation back to square one, reminiscing the gridlock scenario over the anti-graft bill in the previous session of the Parliament.

Undoubtedly, the intention of the Opposition regarding the Lokpal is equally impeachable. The people of the country know that both the ruling and Opposition parties are hemming and hawing on powerful Lokpal. As far as Lokayukta is concerned, the Opposition raises high-decibel objections saying it will affect the federal character of the constitution and the autonomy of the state. It is quite surprising, how an anti-graft system could erode federal set up of the country? If all political parties of the country show will-power to bring out a strong Lokpal, all wrinkles and issues would be ironed out in split of second. The Lokpal is the need of hour and the voice of the country, political parties should huddle together to reach consensus over it, otherwise their credibility would touch the nadir.