London: It seems that people no longer have time to have a relaxed breakfast at home with their family, as a new study has found that Britons on average spend just three minutes and 15 seconds on a weekday morning meal.
In fact, only half of Britons eat breakfast at all and some are so pressed for time that they often eat the most important meal of the day standing up, according to the study.
Many prefer to have a lie-in, while others blame the growing pressure to get to work early. Only a third of Britons now eat breakfast in the kitchen. Some resort to eating it in the bedroom, or even the bathroom, with 22 per cent getting dressed at the same time.
Around a fifth manage to eat only half their breakfast because they have so little time, while more than a third say they eat their first meal of the day on the bus or train, reported a daily.
In Birmingham, 59 per cent said they were too busy on the internet or watching TV in the morning to eat breakfast. In London 57 per cent said the same, and 52 per cent of people from Bristol and 51 per cent of Mancunians agreed.
One in seven eat at their desk at least one morning a week -- and one in five confess to grabbing something as they run out of the door and eating it while they walk down the street, the study, based on a survey, found.

But three-quarters still said it was the most important meal of the day, and seven in ten always have a hot breakfast, according to the survey commissioned by Weetabix.
Sian Porter, a company spokesman, said: "Encouragingly, the research indicated that possibly 1.2 million of us find time to eat a hot breakfast every single morning and demonstrates that Brits do understand the importance of breakfast, even going as far as eating it on the bus, or in the bathroom, to try and fit it in."