Jamshedpur: Technology knows no limit and the fact has been aptly proved correct by the tribals of Jharkhand. Despite the slow pace of development since its bifurcation from Bihar on November 1, 2000, Jharkhand has slowly but surely turned into a high-tech state.

Generally linked with old rituals and tradition style of living, the Tribals are now using a website to fix marriages within the community. Tech-savvy members of the community have created a website www.tribalmatrimonial.com which has fast become popular in the entire state.

The move is being termed as a revolutionary step in modernizing the entire tribal society. It was not long back, when the tribal marriages were solomenised on the consent of parents, and the bride and groom did not get an opportunity to see each other before their marriage.

Hundreds of tribal have got registered themselves with the newly launched website. Tribal student Vivekanand Oraon has prepared the website. Oraon said, “I am trying hard to establish the website as a forum for modernising the tribals.”

Commenting on the commendable efforts, Professor Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College Jamshedpur, Lakhai Baske, said, “The efforts are providing positive approach towards building a modern society.”