New Delhi: In an effort to mobilize public support in favour of a strong ombudsman, Gandhian leader Anna Hazare and civil society activists have geared up to educate people about the fundamentals of Lokpal Bill. During their symbolic fast at Rajghat, they sought public opinion over sticky issues like the jurisdiction of a Lokpal.

The clauses of the Bill raised by the team Anna found resonance with people who responded with loud cheers. Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal initially apprised the public about the clauses of the Lokpal Bill and later sought their views.

On the clause of bringing the Prime Minister under the ambit of Lokpal, Kejriwal, who is one of the members of Lokpal Bill drafting committee, said, “The Prime Minister is an authority who has all the important rights in connection with the country. And if the person at the post of PM turns corrupt, he may even put the nation at stake.”

“…We have been demanding to bring the PM under the purview of the ombudsman,” he said, adding: “However, it is being argued that if the Prime Minister comes under enquiry, he will be unable to complete his duties.”

The public when asked about their opinion for the inclusion of PM under the ambit of the Bill, thousands of people supported in unison.

Lawyer Prashant Bhushan said, “There have been several high court and Supreme Court judges who have been accused in several cases in the past 20 years, but barring one case, the judiciary never gave the nod to initiate enquiry against any of the judges.”

The government is claiming to resolve the problem through Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, however, the Bill would check the malpractice of the judges and not for corruption.

The people attending Anna’s day-long protest echoed in unison that judges too cannot be spared from corruption charges.