The left engine of 257-seat Boeing 777 burst into flames on the runway at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas shortly after 0430 IST while it was about to depart for London's Gatwick Airport with 159 passengers and 13 crew members on board, according to the airport authorities.
Heavy black smoke and orange flames could be seen pouring from under the plane's wings, sending passengers fleeing quickly from the aircraft and across the tarmac before about 50 firefighters doused the aircraft in minutes.
Officials said 14 people aboard the Flight 2276 were taken to hospital for minor injuries, most as a result of sliding down the inflatable chutes to escape.
Fire officials said paramedics on the scene were also evaluating some passengers.
Firefighters stationed at the airport reached the plane two minutes after getting reports of flames and within another three minutes, everyone inside the plane had escaped.
After firefighters extinguished the flames, emergency vehicles could be seen surrounding the aircraft which was left a sooty gray from the smoke and fire retardant.
Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said the plane's left engine caught fire and an investigation was underway.



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