New Delhi: Britain which is facing recession and social upheaval now wants to learn some lessons on progress and harmony from India.

In this regard, it has sent a team of some clerics and influential Muslims to India. After visiting Deoband in Kerala, British Muslims honestly believe that this tour has not only changed their opinion on Indian Muslims it has also taught many new lessons to them.

After spending a week in India, young British Imam Yusuf Ibrahim Akudi says that awareness among seminary students about Muslim professionals have impressed him a lot. According to Akudi, English and IT knowledge of Deoband students and their desire to progress with fewer resources also has broken many myths.

Usman Sheikh, Head of Kilis consultancy, an institution working for the community development says that Muslim population in UK is three percent, but there are many similarities shared by both Indian and British Muslims. Four-member British delegation also visited several places of India during their stay in India between 13 to 17 Feb.

“Monkeys training plan in Kerala in the wake of shortage of workers to break the coconut is also very impressive,” delegation told Dainik Jagran in a conversation.

Area Manager of UK’s Islamic Relief, Salim Yusuf Lorgat says that the dedication to explore new opportunities among the changing scenario in India is certainly persuasive.

However, David Cameron Prime Minister of Britain has given advice to its citizens to become a country like India and China because they have the passion for winning.

According to Cameron, Britain has suggested its citizens to follow countries like India, China and Brazil in order to achieve success.