London: Prime Minister David Cameron met the head of the central bank and the chief of Britain's financial watchdog on Tuesday to discuss the country's response to the eurozone crisis, Downing Street said.
Finance minister George Osborne attended the hour-long meeting with Bank of England governor Mervyn King and Financial Services Authority chairman Adair Turner, a spokesman said.
He said they held a "long planned meeting as part of a series of meetings throughout government to ensure the UK is properly placed to deal with the eurozone situation and the issues arising from it".
The spokesman earlier denied it was "an emergency meeting".

Cameron warned at an EU summit last week that the crisis gripping the European single currency, of which Britain is not a member, could have a serious knock-on effect on Britain's economy and banking system.
He called for a "decisive" plan for debt-hit Greece and for the longer-term future of the eurozone, which is Britain's biggest trading partner, saying that the European Central Bank should step in to help.


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