London: British Prime Minister David Cameron has apologised, in an interview published on Sunday, after he was criticised for being disrespectful in comments he made to two female lawmakers.
Cameron came under fire after suggesting Nadine Dorries, a lawmaker from his own Conservative party, was "extremely frustrated" and telling opposition Labour MP Angela Eagle to "calm down, dear."
But he insisted in an interview with a newspaper that he was not "one of the lads" and admitted he had made a "terrible mistake" by making the remarks during two recent sessions of his weekly grilling in parliament.
"It's my fault. I've got to do better, I totally accept. I'm the one who's got to explain who I am and what I'm like and what I think," he said.
"What I find frustrating is that I'm not a sort of 'All right luv, I'm down the pub tonight' whatever. That's not me. But obviously I've come across that way," he added.
His comments came as the Conservatives, who share power in a coalition government with the Liberal Democrat party, were gathering in Manchester on Sunday for the start of their
annual conference.