London: An Asian-origin British woman has reportedly become the first in the UK to advertise for a kidney donor on an American website.

Saira Khan, 37, made her plea through a charity that finds online "Good Samaritans" who want to give organs to people they feel empathy towards, reports said.

And, an American woman, Dana Klejment, is said to have decided to offer one of her kidneys to Khan who is thought to be the first British patient to have found a "directed" donor -- one who wants to give a specific individual an organ rather than donating it to a stranger, the report said.

Khan, a mother of three, has had kidney disease for 10 years and is on a waiting list to receive a replacement organ as her husband, Omar, is not a suitable donor match.

But she hopes to see her health improve more quickly by advertising for a living donor through the Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America, which puts adverts on websites to match patients with donors who are moved by their plight.