London: Many British young women are putting off the idea of starting a family, believing it can spoil their lifestyle, career and looks, a survey has found.

A poll of 2,000 women in Britain found that one in three childless women says she doesn't ever want to become a mother while increasing numbers of 30-somethings in stable relationships and with good jobs have different priorities, Daily Mail reported.

Almost half of the surveyed said that they would rather get on the property ladder than have a baby while 28 percent would prefer a 100,000-pound salary, the survey found.  

The Grazia magazine report was commissioned to coincide with the release of Sarah Jessica Parker's latest film 'I Don't Know How She Does It'.

Childless women just weren't willing to make the sacrifices they now see were necessary for motherhood, with 44 percent feeling sorry for working mums struggling to have it all, the survey found.

Half of childless women over 30 look at stay-at-home mothers and think it will be difficult for them to get back on the career ladder and a fifth believe they've lost their identity.  

Body issues are also a factor with three in ten worried about the effect pregnancy would have on their appearance.

Four in ten childless women say they're not ready to give up their lifestyle - and a quarter still feel too young for a child.

Grazia editor-in-chief Jane Bruton said: 'We were really surprised a third of childless women admitted they didn't want to start a family.'